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Who We Are
Dr Christopher Telford

Dr. Christopher Telford has practised dentistry since 1976 and has extensive experience in private and hospital practice in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.  His experience also includes periods as Dental House Surgeon in Waikato Hospital, New Zealand and visiting dentist at Mona Vale Hospital Dental Unit, Sydney Australia.

Christopher was educated at Christ's College, Christchurch, New Zealand and was awarded the University Bursary upon graduation.  He went on to study at the University of Otago and his first degree was in Microbiology and Biochemistry.  He was later awarded the degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1975. Further studies have been undertaken throughout his career including the University of Bern, Switzerland and University of NSW.

Early in his career, Christopher met an important mentor, Dr. Ron Every, the founder of a body of work on Thegotics and he has supported this original study actively over the past years, presenting a paper on Thegotics to the annual Australian History and Philosophy of Science Conference in 1993 and again in 1994 to a Seminar of Occlusal Studies at University of California San Francisco.  Christopher's work on Thegosis continues to this day and plays a significant part in his practice of dentistry.

Dr. Telford currently holds accreditation to perform dental surgery under general anaesthesia at Mona Vale Hospital, Kingsgrove Day Surgery Centre, and at Seventh Day Adventist Day Surgery Centre, Hornsby.

On a personal note, Christopher enjoys sailing and aikido, he loves all kinds of music and wants to start playing the trombone again (one day).  He enjoys playing bridge, tennis, motor cycling, writing, reading, theatre and spending time with his children.

"In all, my interest of genetics, of aikido and of life in community service has led me to contemplate, physically and philosophically, the concept of "the centre" for that is the point from which one cannot materially err." Christopher Telford


Carmel Cooper

Carmel is our practice manager and has been with the practice for ten years.  During this time, Carmel has developed warm friendships with many of our patients and enjoyed seeing their families grow.  Carmel comes to the practice from a background in advertising and marketing and particularly enjoys the communications aspect of the role.  On a personal note, Carmel loves fashion, interiors, music and would love to have a dog.


Genny Buchanan

Genny  is our senior dental assistant.  Genny was born in Canada and emigrated to Australia after meeting her husband.  Genny has extensive experience both in Canada and Australia and brings to the practice her sparkling smile and a kind, caring nature.  Genny is patient and understanding and a great listener.  On a personal note, Genny  loves reading, interior decorating, cooking and travel.


Elaine Lin

Elaine is our current (Jan 2012) senior DSA and is about to embark on an Honours course in Archaeology at The University of Sydney where she is highly regarded. For good reason too, for not only is she clearly very intelligent she is also bright, witty, and great company, while at the same time she is empathetic and efficient. She enjoys scuba diving, sailing, travel, clothes and cooking. She will be part time as of March 2012.


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